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Excellence in Developing Podcasts


Now anyone can Podcast! Really?

Actually, it is true. Almost twenty years on from when we first started there are brilliant tools and reporting from Anchor, Spotify and others. These tools even provide the required Tagging, Images and Scripting to make it easy to record, upload and monitor your productions. This has resulted in Podcasting today being more liberating and a democratising tool as long gone are the days of comments such as, ‘what’s a podcast’!

However, when was the last time you sat in your car and heard something so engaging that you didn’t want your journey to stop or not leave to go inside the house. Its all about story-telling, ambiance / soundscape and how the listener is, ‘taken to places’. Or, simply absorbed in the message being imparted.

We consider ourselves as pioneers of Podcasting as we’ve been producing shows since 2004.

Podcasting is not just about a ‘bit of voice’! Great Podcasts need scripting, broadcast disciplines, great story-telling structure and delivery skills to keep audiences engaged and loyal. Remember, we’re in the attention economy so every second counts!

Lead by our CEO Dr Savi, he was the first to see the potential that podcasting could offer both from an entertainment and commercial perspective.

The story of the first podcast he produced produced is quite amusing… Well, we think it is!

Being a huge Jazz fan, when we say huge we mean HUGE, describing himself as an afficado with thousands of LPs, Singles, Cassette Tapes (remember those), Mini Disks (yes, that interesting media from Sony, from back in the day) and lets not forget thousands of CDs. Dr Savi was listening to his favourite FM based channel. Suddenly, one morning when tuning in to the latter, Jazz was no longer the main genre being featured. He immediately called the channel and after some discussion was even invited to meet the channel’s CEO. He was told bluntly that Jazz was demographically anti-commercial in the eyes of potential sponsors!?

Later that week Dr Savi was reading the Financial Times and an article about Podcasting and something called Real Simple Syndication (RSS feeds). Being an avid DJ from his University days, Dr Savi decided to produce his own Jazz based shows, licensed by the Performing Rights Society. Over 400 jazz episodes have been developed since 2004.

In addition, religious and commercial shows and associated episodes have been successfully produced, for: Medical Health Regulatory Authority, Local Councils, Charities, Department of Health, GSK, MyClub100, SaviLeaders, Come Chai with Me, Multicultural Richmond and more…

In recent years the commercial side of the business has been formalised through the Knowledge Hemispheres Group. CastLab is part of the portfolio of companies it owns. We’ve got a great crew and valued partners and specialise in both training and developing audio productions.

Even if you want to go solo or just need a helping hand to Prepare, Produce, Perfect and/or Post, we offer a flexible approach to giving you guidance. Please check out our portfolio so we can be part of your communication strategy and assure a successful creative outcome.