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Excellence in Developing Podcasts

Cleansed environments

Maxwellian Clean Air Podcast Production

Working closely with  Maxwellian, a short mini-series has been developed that outlines the importance of monitoring our air quality to improve our #environment and eventual #wellbeing. It is important to also consider if we’re really, ‘out of the woods’ in terms of watching out for either morphing / variants of Covid-19 and monitoring the next…
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Podcasting is ideal for recording conferences and charity events

Each year, Tim Henman helps The Royal Marsden Hospital to raise funds at a fun tennis event. Check out the  podcast we put together with Alex Loveridge hosting featuring an interview with Tennis ace Tim Henman. Developing a podcast episode that has a ‘live’ element is a great way to take listeners on the same…
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Can Podcasts help recycling initiatives?

Audio is becoming a cost efficient way to relay short key messages as it saves paper and is more accessible.Consider a series of short guides on how to clean and dispose of recycling items to avoid an entire collection from being tainted for waste, i.e. Often an incorrect or unclean item in a home recycling…
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Our recent Production for The Ebb & Flo Co.

Our Thanks to the CEO of The Ebb and Flo Co company for letting is be being part of their story. Recently we produced a complementary gift for some of their products. The production was scripted and voiced by the founder of Ebb and Flo Co and Castlab assisted with editing, mixing and production.

Fascinating insights into future Podcasting evolution via Spotify

It is fascinating to see how Podcasting is being seriously considered in terms of potential revenue streams – its only taken 17 years, since our company founder started podcasting and proclaimed its original potential! Exclusivity in the arenas of deals/licensing with creators is now all the rage. In a recent interview with Spotify’s CFO shows…
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Come Chai with Me, Castlab are the Executive Producers

We’re proud to be associated with the Come Chai with Me podcast, the unique and highly popular series that focuses on wellbeing, for example – exploring themes such as: exploring the keys to happiness, the benefits of minimalism, assuring good habits, making fitness fun and the benefits of meditation. 

Podcast Extracts support Promotion tactics

At Castlab we also offer a complementary service when producing podcasts for our clients. One technique is to consider a profound moment or a segment that can attract or compel your audience to take a listen.

Multicultural Richmond launch 1st Podcast

We’re excited to announce that our client Multicultural Richmond has now launched its first podcast.

Castlab CEO guesting on Digital Rapport

The tables were turned as this time as our CEO became an interviewee of the Digital Rapport regular podcast. The episode featured topics such as the past, present and future of podcasting (for example, social audio). The context of the conversation focused on best practice for applicability, structuring and the importance of experimentation to assure…
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The Castlab Experience Podcast : Season 2 – Episode 4: How to Structure your Podcast – Guesting on Digital Rapport

This week we met Jatinder Palaha – Digital online strategist – who has helped a wide range of entrepreneurs and companies become digitally savvy with their presence both online and face-to-face.