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Fascinating insights into future Podcasting evolution via Spotify

Excellence in Developing Podcasts

It is fascinating to see how Podcasting is being seriously considered in terms of potential revenue streams – its only taken 17 years, since our company founder started podcasting and proclaimed its original potential!

Exclusivity in the arenas of deals/licensing with creators is now all the rage.

In a recent interview with Spotify’s CFO shows how brilliant that a streaming service like Spotify is now consider how audio can provide new dimensions – say, relaying the inner thoughts of Batman.  

Audio certainly has the power to help you multi-task away from the screen but also ‘take you to places’ – Its a bit like creating pictures in your mind. 

Its also interesting to view how Podcasting is now being considered seriously for advertisers. We note from: 8 podcast trends to pay attention to if you want to succeed in podcasting, that the demographics are changing and:

The time has never been better for brands who want a hand reaching these audiences; listening habits have shifted dramatically over recent years. If you’re not creating content specifically geared towards the new generation of audio-centric consumers (along with the right ads), then your brand could quickly become irrelevant.

The video interview from CNBC provides hope for budding podcasters and brands that wish to invest in Podcasting.