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Cleansed environments

Working closely with  Maxwellian, a short mini-series has been developed that outlines the importance of monitoring our air quality to improve our #environment and eventual #wellbeing.

It is important to also consider if we’re really, ‘out of the woods’ in terms of watching out for either morphing / variants of Covid-19 and monitoring the next inevitable virus on the horizon. Let us also not forget the need to support our workplaces, industrial, school and hospitals from existing / known pathogens.

Here’s a quote from the famous actor Michael J Fox that encompasses the importance of being proactive. 

I like to encourage people to realise that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it.

Please checkout the mini-series that outlines key concepts, for example: techniques such as predictive analytics and the need for improved workplace practices to take advantage of improving the confidence of the basics of survival, i.e.: #cleanair #school #covid #hospitals #predictiveanalytics #cleanairmatters

Episode 1 : The Clean Air Podcast – Introducing the concepts & the importance of Clean Air

Episode 2 : The Clean Air Podcast – Clean air challenges and accelerating solutions
Episode 3 : The Clean Air Podcast – Demonstrating the power of physical cleansing technology