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Podcasting is ideal for recording conferences and charity events

Excellence in Developing Podcasts

Each year, Tim Henman helps The Royal Marsden Hospital to raise funds at a fun tennis event. Check out the  podcast we put together with Alex Loveridge hosting featuring an interview with Tennis ace Tim Henman.

Developing a podcast episode that has a ‘live’ element is a great way to take listeners on the same trip. In post production you can be creative by recording narrative and ‘cutting’ to sound bites recorded.

Recently we attended a conference dedicated to new innovations called the contagious – an event to cram a year’s worth of strategic insights and creative inspiration, focused on digital marketing innovation and inspired advertising campaigns. In the example below we interviewed some of the early proponents of the Peloton bike

Placing your own narrative and sharing it with a wider team that maybe were unable to attend a conference is an ideal way to share knowledge. 

Castlab recommend gaining consent from anyone or organisation being featured. It is also advisable that before the launch of an associated conference podcast, approval is sought as information being imparted should be genuine, trusted and underwritten by any featured product manufacturer. This could be implemented by outlining a disclaimer in the accompanying podcast post and within the podcast itself via a recorded disclaimer at the start.

Check out the two examples: Firstly, an interview with Tim Henman at the annual Royal Marsden Tennis charity event and an episode we developed for a large Pharma company that sent representatives to The Most Contagious 2018 held at the British Design Council in London.

An interview with Tim Henman at the annual Royal Marsden Tennis charity event

Highlights from Contagious 2018