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Exploring the ‘successful failure’ of Apollo 13

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In 1973 the Apollo 13 mission was compromised by a lighting strike as the main rocket launched. It wasn’t until a short time into the mission that the crew potentially realised that they needed to act fast to save themselves. Mission control’s innovation, saved the day.

Back in 2018 working closely with a Pharma giant the following podcast was developed to encourage innovative thinking. 

Famously described as a ‘successful failure’, the Apollo 13 mission almost ended in complete and utter disaster. However, whilst the astronauts never made it to the moon’s surface, their very survival serves as a testament to the human spirit and incredible ingenuity. 

In this documentary style episode we explore how innovation can be realised through collaboration, lateral thinking and applying effective agile techniques.

The episode also cited how in 1985 musicians across the world rallied to save the lives of the starving / disaster in Ethiopia. Another great example of collaboration. 

Humans ability to think laterally can help to drive innovative thought.

A number of thought provoking themes emerge. Pay special consideration too to the use of music and sound bites to enhance the story or main narrative being articulated.

What parallels can you surface to exhibit or demonstrate how your brand has developed, say with a human story that would resonant with the listener?

We’re happy to facilitate a brain storming session to experiment or put together a series to test with a set audience. Feel free to reach out to us to explore the possibilities of framing one of your corporate stories.

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