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Can Fitness Podcasts help you achieve your goals?

Excellence in Developing Podcasts

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in both the number and variety of available wellness and fitness podcasts. Castlab under the guise of their parent company was one of the first to venture into this field. In the late 2000s we worked closely with Ewan Norrie the CEO of MyClub100. The latter offered specialist services and physical locations to manage fitness goals. All our productions carried a disclaimer and included advice on nutrition, especially post Xmas and a variety of techniques to stay motivated when committing to a personal fitness plan. 

We note that segmentation for wellness podcasts is now evident with specialist shows for different age ranges with a variety of styles, ranging from a casual chat between friends to the inclusion of industry expert guests or independent casts. There is also a plethora of celebrity lead shows that further extend traditional radio shows.

Tips for Fitness professionals wishing to develop their own Podcasts – great also for enhancing your brand!

Let us work through an example on say developing a show to keep fitness clients motivated. Firstly, get serious about research and ensure a disclaimer. Make a list of themes and messages you’d like to convey. You may even find enough material to create a batch of theme/segments or individual episodes, e.g:

  • Working out with friends to support you.
  • Dress for success and getting in the mood to train
  • Discovering apps that can support your fitness goals – myfitnesspal, mapmyrun & couchto5/10K are super
  • What time is right for you to work out
  • Nutrition guides with guest chefs and expert nutritionists
  • Building fitness routines
  • Visualising success & staying committed – aka removing blockers.

A fitness podcast can also ‘act’ as a reminder, guide or simply an alternative to a set of notes at a particular stage of a programme. For example, just like in education, structuring your content so that it is aligned to different stages of development of an individual. Therefore, they can be customised / personal or even confidential for a fitness client

Fitness based podcasts need structure and the formulation of a ‘drip’ mechanism for the right content, at the right time aka scheduled with digital availability.

Recently we’ve been talking to clinicians, typically surgeons to offer on their website, podcasts that can advise patients as part of their recovery process.

Check out some of the shows we did with Ewan Norrie for inspiration, from getting back to fitness post Xmas to developing motivation to stay with your fitness programme or goals.

Health and Wellness Episode 1 – Intro & Series Disclaimer
Health and Wellness Episode 2 : Getting back into fitness Post Xmas
Health and Wellness Episode 3 : Motivation

We’re happy to get you started on developing your own shows and associated podcasts whether they’re public or private.