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The Castlab Experience Podcast : Season 2 – Episode 3: Meeting Top Digital Strategist Jatinder Palaha

This week we met Jatinder Palaha – Digital online strategist – who has helped a wide range of entrepreneurs and companies become digitally savvy with their presence both online and face-to-face.

The Castlab Experience Podcast : Season 2 – Episode 2: The Many Ps of Podcasting

This week drawing on a podcast that was posted a few years ago, we note that many of the Ps mentioned are still relevant and need considering today. 

Introducing the The Castlab Experience Podcast : Season 2 – Episode 1: Introduction

Join us every month for the definitive A to Z guide of Podcasting. Every month we bring you best practice with tools, techniques and featured transformational case studies to help you develop you business or charity based podcast. We consider each knowledge nugget as part of your essential guide to developing an effective communication strategy…
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The English Gardener Podcast Promo

Its that time of the year to consider carefully how to best settle the garden for the coming Winter months. Recently, we produced the first episode of a short series for The English Gardener

Pharma Podcast Series – a perfect corporate knowledge sharing vehicle

Originally aired as a series of 10 podcasts from 2018-2019, this podcast focused on opportunities for employees to share their passion for developing new innovations. We worked with a major Pharmaceutical company using our 4 Ps methodology: Prepare, Produce, Perfect and Post. It was for internal consumption / audience purposes and was recognised as an…
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The Many Ps of Podcasting

This episode is from the Corporate Podcasting Show (launched back in 2007). It was was one of the early podcasts about doing podcasts!

Advertising through Podcasts – best practice

This was the final episode of an early series of the Corporate Podcasting Show recorded and posted in 2007. The show explored the potential of advertising using podcasts and included themes such as the best time to include an advertisement in your podcast, the use of promotion codes and surveying if a podcast helped materialise…
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Can Fitness Podcasts help you achieve your goals?

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in both the number and variety of available wellness and fitness podcasts. Castlab under the guise of their parent company was one of the first to venture into this field. In the late 2000s we worked closely with Ewan Norrie the CEO of MyClub100. The latter…
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Exploring the ‘successful failure’ of Apollo 13

In 1973 the Apollo 13 mission was compromised by a lighting strike as the main rocket launched. It wasn’t until a short time into the mission that the crew potentially realised that they needed to act fast to save themselves. Mission control’s innovation, saved the day. Back in 2018 working closely with a Pharma giant…
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15 World Famous Minutes Podcast Production, featuring Milka Singh

Working closely with the producers of the limited podcast series entitled, ’15 World Famous Minutes’, we were honoured to work on an episode covering the incredible talents of global athlete, Milkha Singh. Born in 1935 with the sobriquet The Flying Sikh, Milka was a former Indian track and field sprinter. His career in track sports…
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